Paula Kully is a freelance writer who lives on Vancouver Island in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. She has been writing for work, pleasure and freelance for over 20 years. Her work includes: writing for magazines, short stories, website content, media releases, biographies, speech writing, and advertising and marketing material.

Literature has always been a big part of her life as her mother cultivated a love of reading within her at an early age. Books were a priority in their house and each Saturday three generations of women (Paula and her sisters, her mother and her grandmother) climbed into the car and drove off to the library to replenish their stack of borrowed books. Paula looked forward to this weekly trip that took her on the adventures of Babar and Curious George when she was young, and then to Narnia and Green Gables as her reading level expanded.

A desire to write came naturally. She wanted to tell stories and bring people on the adventures that she loved as a girl. But more so, the magic of creating with words thrilled her. To be able to put words into a sentence and string those sentences together into meaningful paragraphs that captured the imagination – this was something exciting and worth doing.

Her favourite subject to write about? “People! People’s lives are incredibly diverse and uniquely interesting. No two people ever have the same story so it’s always something new.”