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 charlie bruce
Charlie Bruce Qualifies for 2011 World Cup Triathlon

Ten years older and 32 minutes faster; Charlie truly IS getting better with time. He attributes this improvement to better, more efficient training, “As we get older we take better care of our bodies. We have a better understanding of diet and training techniques. When we are young and our bodies are stronger we tend to abuse them more and train recklessly”.

 jenny john (4)
 Jenny John Inducted to the BC Sports Hall of Fame

Jenny was notified last December that she was one of nine individuals being inducted to the hall of fame, along with one team — the 1994 B.C. Lions football squad. It was the first time she’d ever been nominated. It usually takes two or three applications before someone gets in, so for a woman to get in and with a minor sport is quite remarkable.

 kate morgan
Kate Morgan – You Were Made for This

Kate is well known in Kamloops as an up and coming musical talent. She recently performed with Lilith Fair on June 27 in Calgary. As luck would have it, she was also invited on stage for the finale in Vancouver where she shared the mic with the likes of Sarah McLachlan, Cheryl Crow and Colbie Caillat. Kate’s reaction to her Lilith Fair stint is understandably one of awe, “It was the most incredible experience of my life! I can’t even begin to explain how it felt to spend so much time with all those incredible women”.

 drew venables (2)
 Drew Venables Volleyball Star

When talking about his experience at the Western Canada Games and Canada Games Drew recalls, “Competing at this level you learn how to be an athlete. You realize what it takes to be successful in your sport. You learn all about nutrition, exercise and the level of physical and mental dedication it takes to be a professional athlete.”